Julie Quinlan

Personal Real Estate Corporation

Office: (604) 898-1010
Mobile: (604) 815-3149

38090 Cleveland Avenue, Box 2479
Squamish, BC V8B 0B6

Taking care of people has always been my business…

Caring, being attentive and passionate to people's needs is at the core of my nature. Before launching this new real estate career in 2004, I was an emergency room nurse for 22 years.  I’m grateful for the life and people skills, my medical background has taught me over the years.  Dealing with stressful situations, having to be creative in a split second and being able to recognize fears and frustrations have rewarded me with numerous accolades from co-workers and clients throughout the years.  Taking care of people has always been not only my business, but a priority.  I promise to represent you with the same amount of professionalism, efficiency and care demonstrate with my patients throughout my nursing career.  Should you also need advice when your little ones suffer from sore throats and runny noses, I can help take care of that too!!!